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Duncan Malashock

Duncan Malashock Work from his oeuvre. “I’m interested in our relationship with technology, specifically within the context of the Internet as a day-to-day activity, and in light of the history of the use of technology as a way of representing ideals. I make analog videos that are concerned with the history of creative technology, and in exploring what I understand […]


Depart (Leonhard Lass & Gregor Ladenhauf) Work from Chukwa’s Approach & Woodward. “On the back of Chukwa, Bright like a mountain dew-tune and crystalline airs. We seek shell and shelter in subsurface saltlake sittings, The one-drone rondo-0-o. We rest against the interwalls of zero cavity‘s brainbows, Celebrating Achilles’ de-feet. Stir montane waters in the syncoronation […]

Ira Tviga

Ira Tviga Work from Sound-Light and Soundstills. “I move sound. Noise from one location is manifest elsewhere, and in another dimension. I turn sound into 3 dimensional objects which appear to be flat, and then heighten this sense of flattening, and of silence, with the hush of a photograph. Humans have long been intruiged by […]

Gary Beydler

Gary Beydler Work from Hand Held Day. “”Beydler’s magical Hand Held Day is his most unabashedly beautiful film, but it’s no less complex than his other works. The filming approach is simple, yet incredibly rich with possibilities, as Beydler collapses the time and space of a full day in the Arizona desert via time-lapse photography […]