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Lisha Bai

Lisha Bai Work from her oeuvre. Lisha Bai is featured in an upcoming group exhibition entitled “The Order of Things” at NURTUREart, Brooklyn. “NURTUREart is pleased to present The Order of Things, featuring artists Lisha Bai, Leah Beeferman, Ethan Greenbaum, Elisa Lendvay, Demetrius Oliver, Allyson Vieira, and Joe Winter. The Order of Things considers the […]

Jacob Kirkegaard

Jacob Kirkegaard Work from Nagaras. “NAGARAS (“drum” or “kettle drum”) is the title of a series of eight photographs shot on an expedition into the deserts of Oman in December 2008. The work explores a sonic phenomenon which only occurs in a few deserts around the world: The Singing Sands (aka Sounding Sands, Rumbling Sands, […]

Tim Horntrich and Jens Wunderling

Tim Horntrich and Jens Wunderling. Work from self.detach. “„self.detach“ is a monolithic object, not serving the purpose of analyzing the data by quantity, but following a critical design approach. The Flickr live photo stream is constantly downloaded, all currently posted images moving through the beholders’ field of vision on a small display.Those images tagged with […]