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Meriç Algün Ringborg

Meriç Algün Ringborg Work from The Risk of Being in Public “The risk of being in public is accidentally appearing on a photograph.” -Diane Arbus “The Risk of Being in Public is a yearlong journal containing 136 notations where each account describes a photograph taken in public by an unknown person in which the artist has noticed […]

Sebastian Schmieg

Sebastian Schmieg Work from 81 Points of View “81 Points of View is an interactive sculpture. It proposes an electro-mechanical setup that overlaps perceived with virtual reality. The result is an elaborate manifestation of a basic principle utilizing old and obsolete technology. Due to the transparent setup the sculpture’s mode of operation turns out to […]

Pavel Büchler

Pavel Büchler Work from his oeuvre. “Büchler belongs to a generation of artists directly influenced by the discoveries of 1970s conceptual art – or, as he insists, by the creative misunderstandings that conceptual art suffered in translation to the Eastern European cultural and political context. Summing up his own practice as “making nothing happen”, he […]