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Jonathan Schipper

Jonathan Schipper Work from To Dust. ” Two sculptures are hung from a mechanism that gently grinds them into each other. The sculptures will slide against one another for many years creating new unimagined form… …The Shortcomings of the Living World’s Experiences vs. The Infinite Potentialities of The Universe, A DEATH CATHARSIS PARADIGM  The thrill of the […]

Pavel Büchler

Pavel Büchler Work from his oeuvre. “Büchler belongs to a generation of artists directly influenced by the discoveries of 1970s conceptual art – or, as he insists, by the creative misunderstandings that conceptual art suffered in translation to the Eastern European cultural and political context. Summing up his own practice as “making nothing happen”, he […]

Allora & Calzadilla

Allora & Calzadilla Work from Back Fire. “The ‘Back Fire’ series are colour photographs of constellations, stars and galaxies, which have been set fire to from the back with matches. This action has generated a new space both physically and photographically. The burning of the photograph fires-back an unstable image, which has been re-photographed at […]

Miriam Böhm

Miriam Böhm Work from her oeuvre. “In her photographs, Böhm enquirers into the very nature of the art object; how it is made, perceived, and how way we derive meaning from it. She uses the act of photography as a series of iterations, taking many photographs of one object or motif, from different perspectives, and […]