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Fleur van Dodewaard

Fleur van Dodewaard Work from Sun Set Series. “Fleur van Dodewaard is less interested in the photographic representation of reality as such than in the way in which photography relates to the other media it exploits in its efforts to achieve autonomy. She commonly uses a diversity of materials to create clear and powerful images […]

Joe McKay

Joe McKay Work from Sunset Solitaire. “Sunset Solitaire references computer games, of course, in this case one played by an individual and watched by others, but there are a range of other associations. The Hudson River School painters and Mark Rothko’s glowing rectangles readily come to mind, as do the evocatively nostalgic memories of drive-in […]

Eric Cahan

Eric Cahan Work from Sky Series “A native New Yorker and devotee of contemporary art, Eric Cahan’s influences include Mark Rothko, James Turrell, and the Light and Space movement, a brand of minimalism that originated in Southern California in the 1960s and focused on perceptual phenomena such as light, space, volume and scale. When he […]

Laurel Schwulst

Laurel Schwulst Work from Proposals for Future Parks. “Schwulst’s practice concentrates on the concepts of participation, technology and nature, both creating and destroying links between them, whilst also playing with visual and digital themes. Each work exhibited in Proposals for Future Parks is a different scenario, inviting the visitor to experience nature as intended in a […]

Hector Llanquín

Hector Llanquín Work from Sunset. “This is a series of digital photographs of sunsets altered by a controlled download error. These files where bitmap transferred via personal messaging software (adium) from one place to another. After the file was completely downloaded the transfer is aborted. The final result is that the bitmap repeats the last […]