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Clemens Behr

Clemens Behr Work from his oeuvre. “My work is complicated, inexpensive and improvised…My process all begins with the space, which acts as a basis for planning. The space defines the colors and shapes, as well as any fixing or mounting possibilities and the dimensions of the piece.  I can’t plan that much in advance, because […]

Jeongmoon Choi

Jeongmoon Choi Work from his oeuvre. “Jeongmoon Choi works with thread and traces this three-dimensional line directly into volume to create illusions of perspective. The thread is coloured and used to outline or redefine the architecture of the spaces the artist invests. Drawing directly into space with her hand, the artist addresses questions about our environment, as well as about […]

Carlo Bernardini

Carlo Bernardini Work from his oeuvre. “Paper is simply paper as long as it is white, but once you draw on it, it becomes ‘a drawing’. A design in light is a mental drawing that uses dark space. Fibre optic drawings are in harmony with the place itself, the light creating an interrelation by overcoming […]

Emilio Gomariz

Emilio Gomariz Work from his oeuvre. “His works are focused on virtual fields, where he develops new RGB aesthetics and movements combining different digital ways.” – Emilio Gomariz

Mysterious Structures in China’s Gobi Desert

Mysterious Structures in China’s Gobi Desert “These images show mysterious compositions and structures which seem to be a kind of paintings (not sure if it’s painting), and installations over the Earth, they are exactly in the Gobi Desert, China. They were found the last month at Google Maps. See more; “It turns out that they […]