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Rick Silva and Jordan Tate Work from DRAPE WAVE at New Shelter Plan. “DRAPE WAVE is a collaborative exhibition by Rick Silva and Jordan Tate that addresses the mutability of the image. Through various surface outputs and rendering processes, the artists explore the malleability of medium and meaning. The works in DRAPE WAVE are fluid, […]

Carlo Bernardini

Carlo Bernardini Work from his oeuvre. “Paper is simply paper as long as it is white, but once you draw on it, it becomes ‘a drawing’. A design in light is a mental drawing that uses dark space. Fibre optic drawings are in harmony with the place itself, the light creating an interrelation by overcoming […]

Xavier Antin

Xavier Antin Work from Just in Time, or A Short History of Production and Printing at Home. “Xavier Antin is for sure the unsung king of creative desktop printing. In “Just in Time, or A Short History of Production” he aligned up four generation of desktop printers to produce, all in one go, a 44-page […]

Snijders & Teunisse

Bram Snijders & Carolien Teunisse Work from RE: “RE: is a 360 projection-mapping installation that uses mirrors to enable a projector to project on all sides of its own surface. In most art installations the projector is used as merely a tool; preferably even hidden away from view. Contrastingly, in Re: the projector is the […]

Clare Strand

Clare Strand Work from Conjurations and Gone Astray. “Over the last ten years, dissatisfied with the often complacent values of the photography world, Clare Strand has assembled a body of work that is both subversive and celebratory in its approach to photographic conventions. During this period Strand’s art has developed through a series of increasingly […]