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Jay Gould

Jay Gould Work from Rocket Science “Drive a good hour outside of nearly every American metropolitan area on a sunny Saturday morning and you may see chutes of smoke lingering in the sky. Follow those trails a bit further and you will find Rocket Science. This photographic project documents some of the humble communities of […]

Sarah Pickering

Sarah Pickering Work from Explosions. In honor of the 4th of July, because no artists that I know of shoot fireworks. “Explosions,” Sarah Pickering’s debut solo show, is both as understated and as boisterous as its title implies. The British artist’s eight large-scale photographs capture the pyrotechnics of various types of bombs and explosives, suspending […]

Ralf Grossek

Ralf Grossek Work from the series Collection Functional Intentions. “The majority of our visual perceptions of the world around us is characterised by the attempt to functionalise our immediate environment. Due to the limited space in the big cities, we try to think up ways to guide traffic flows, protect property and privacy and provide […]

Gigi Gatewood

Gigi Gatewood Work from Models, Representations & Self Contained Worlds and To Honest Seekers for Truth. Sadly, I cannot tell you how I came across Gatewood’s work, but her approach to the peaceful yet tense still life drew me to it. Gatewood uses no text, only title, and has a fascinating habit of perching objects […]

Derk Duit

Derk Duit Work from the series (un)natural and another, untitled, body of work. I was initially drawn in by Duit’s work about (my assumption here) wind / wind power in the Netherlands, and I was in the mood for some slightly more traditional photography today. His statement is short because Duit  is not a fan […]

Mitch Epstein

Mitch Epstein Work from American Power “Mitch Epstein’s current work examines how energy is produced and used in the American landscape. Made on forays to energy production sites and their environs, these pictures question the power of nature, government, corporations, and mass consumption in the United States.” Review here. Also check out his work from […]

Bradley Dean Wollman

Bradley Dean Wollman Work from the series The Little War “The Little War began in my mind about a year ago. I thought I would begin to comprehend the war in Iraq if I immersed myself in images and stories from the war. However, the more I watched, looked and listened, the further I felt […]

Jeffrey A. Wolin

Jefferey A. Wolin Work from the series From All Sides: American and Vietnamese War Veterans. “I initially began photographing and conducting videotape interviews of Vietnam War veterans in 1992 during my year as a Guggenheim Fellow. I had to set the project aside to complete a book and exhibition of portraits of Holocaust survivors which […]

Alison Malone

Alison Malone Work from the series The Anonymous Everywhere of Nowhere in Particular. “This series was originally inspired by my commute home to NE Minneapolis, more specifically, the care-worn sites of heavy processing and antiquated shipping industry minutes away from the freeway. In the midst of what might be construed as an isolated, cold or even […]

Marisa Olson

Marisa Olson trains to be on American Idol in 2005. Check out her audition tape and training blog