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Katleen Vinck

Katleen Vinck Work from her oeuvre. In her work, Katleen Vinck often makes use of scale models in which she relates the characteristics of sculpture, architecture and theatre scenography to one another. Her education in architecture, art and scenography makes such an overarching approach obvious yet challenging at the same time. Vinck focuses on phenomena […]

Indre Serpytyte

Indre Serpytyte Work from¬†Former NKVD – MVD – MGB – KGB Buildings. “In 1944 a Cold War began, a war that was brutal, inhumane. A war that has now been almost forgotten. The Western powers continued to consider the occupation of the Baltic and Eastern Countries by the Stalinist powers to be illegal despite the […]

Drew Leshko

Drew Leshko Work from Simple Solutions. “Simply Solutions is a documentary project spawning from the problem solving skills of Peco energy. Each photograph was recreated in miniature in my studio. I was first drawn to the telephone lines because of the quick fixes, or in some cases no fixes at all. These potentially hazardous situations […]

Frank Kunert

Frank Kunert Work from Photographs of Small Worlds. Ironically, the first time I cam across Kunert’s work it was in a spam email titled “Award Winning Construction Projects” that featured the bottom image. Kunert is another example of why I am so grateful that I abandoned my model making project in its infancy. “The project […]

Ernie Button

Ernie Button Work from Back & Forth and Playing in the Shadows of Space. I have been reading quite a bit about space exploration this week, and it is nice to see some work that is a nice glimpse of the future, as seen from the past.¬† ____________________________ On the surface, the thought of photographing […]


Slinkachu Work from Little People. I stumbled across Slinkachu’s book the other day at the bookstore and decided to look up the project and share it. I couldn’t find much in the way of a thorough statement, but the work sort of speaks for itself. “Slinkachu has taken street art to a new scale, painstakingly […]

Bradley Dean Wollman

Bradley Dean Wollman Work from the series The Little War “The Little War began in my mind about a year ago. I thought I would begin to comprehend the war in Iraq if I immersed myself in images and stories from the war. However, the more I watched, looked and listened, the further I felt […]

Erin Tyner

Erin Tyner Work from the series Half Awake. I cam across Tyner’s work on the Hey Hot Shot contenders blog, and once again (as with Lori Nix) I am very very glad I quit working with scale-models before I saw this work, because it is far more sucessful than I ever was with models (hence […]

Esteban Pastorino Diaz

Esteban Pastorino Diaz Diaz’s work with a kite and shift plane focus was some of the first work that I saw turning reality into a scale model diorama of life. What still blows my mind a little bit is that these are real, not scale models.

Lori Nix

Lori Nix Work from Accidentally Kansas and The City. I was making scale model disasters last year before I saw this work. I am very glad I quit before I saw her models, because they put mine to shame. “The line between truth and illusion in photography is one that has been frequently crossed by […]