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Jennilee Marigomen

Jennilee Marigomen Work from Absent and From the See. “Jennilee’s Marigomen’s work investigates everyday urban phenomenon. The tension between the natural world and urban intervention permeate her images with a playful undertone. Her visceral and sedative environments highlight the fleeting extraordinary.” – Jennilee Marigomen

Aimee Brodeur

Aimee Brodeur Work from Sculptures and Diary. There was no text to be found about this work, but they function so well as photo sculptures I wanted to share them. I am particularly drawn to the process errors in these works as an aesthetic, but I am not sure if their intent moves beyond that. […]

Tema Stauffer

Tema Stauffer Work from American Stills. “To perceive and subsequently reveal an inherent beauty in what may be characterized as “commonplace” requires the observer (i.e. the photographer) to consider specifically the act of seeing what is “there” or simply what “is.” Images that suggest recognition and acceptance of the banal differ from those, perhaps more […]