Archives for the Month of June, 2011

Neal Fryett

Neal Fryett Work from his oeuvre. “An exercise in expansion (on the utility of a thing) 1. A door-wedge, door-stop, or door-wedge-stop is a utilitarian apparatus most often associated with the holding of a hinged or otherwise swinging door at a preferred position. 2. It may, however, be utilized for a multitude of purposes – the […]

Ruth Van Beek

Ruth Van Beek Work from her oeuvre. “Ruth Van Beek or the Poetics of Paper Weights Ruth Van Beek’s collages play a particularly clever and intricate game of hide and seek with the truth of an image. ‘The result is a picture of something that never existed,’ she explains on her website. Ruth Van Beek […]

Craig Kalpakjian

Craig Kalpakjian Work from his oeuvre. “In my earlier sculpture and installation work, I used found and fabricated elements–barriers, detectors, and security devices. I was interested in the technology of deterrence and passage, movement and restraint as well as crowd control and traffic flow. This is what I was thinking about with the work involving […]

Kate Gilmore

Kate Gilmore Work from her oeuvre. “Kate Gilmore has ideas of her own about site-specific video installation and sexual stereotypes. Entering her New York solo debut requires stepping through large holes in two closely set temporary walls. You can pause between them and watch Ms. Gilmore in the video ”Walk This Way” as she kicks […]

Laurie Kang

Laurie Kang Work from her oeuvre. “My practice is based in film photography, collage, sculpture and installation. I employ the photographic image’s ability to capture an image and present it as an apparently true document in time and history. Using both created and found images and objects, I merge fact with fiction, distorting and challenging […]

undef and Joshua Noble

undef and Joshua Noble Work from Receipt Racer. This entire post came from Today and Tomorrow, if you aren’t familiar with the site, check it out. Receipt Racer is a microproject by undef and Joshua Noble. It a simple game which they developed during the “Let’s feed the future workshop”, part of the OFFF Festival in Barcelona on June […]

Marco Cadioli

Marco Cadioli Work from Abstract Journeys. “Abstract Journeys is a screencapture series from Google Earth that explores the different surfaces and forms which have been transformed by man’s work in an abstract geometric composition. This is a project by Italian artist Marco Cadioli. In his site you can find others interesting projects as well as the […]

Nicole Hametner

Nicole Hametner Work from Schwarzes Licht (Black Light). “On the white walls are hung at first sight only visible large white sheets of paper, replace the ceiling black light tubes, the conventional fluorescent lights. While the bright sunlight mixed with the artificial, is of the screen printing is barely visible. Only at dusk, when the […]

Ethan Breckenridge

Ethan Breckenridge Work from his oeuvre. “TV Ads A scientist, after driving his electric/eco friendly go-cart like car to an observatory, looks through his telescope to discover an apocalypse-heralding asteroid tumbling towards the earth. In a heartbeat he is online finding his nearest Hummer dealer, and then off in his go-cart to the dealerships. The […]

Laura Piasta

Laura Piasta Work from her current show at LES. “This exhibit of new works by Laura Piasta uses geometry as a motif to signify a system that can stand in for an abstract concept. Using repetition to focus the viewer’s attention on relationships between forms, one is drawn into contemplation of the conceptual narratives behind […]