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Luke Stettner

Luke Stettner Work from This Single Monument at The Kitchen. “Last thing I knew there were five indications of a pause — first was the one that came before all the others after that came the one I remember the least but was the most sudden and unexpected following that came the refrain the second […]

Bianca Chang

Bianca Chang Work from her oeuvre. ““Our eyes have become accustomed to the daily inundation of complex moving images. The Light Maps works are my effort to conjure – or at least imagine – a visual quietness in which the fundamental distinctions of perception can find a territory to be examined. The works have been […]

Bianca Chang

Bianca Chang Work from her oeuvre “Bianca Chang‘s minimalist and geometric based paper pieces are made by hand-plotting multiple sheets of 80gsm 100% post consumer waste recycled paper. Each layer of paper is hand plotted and cut using a pencil, surgical blade and ruler.” –Triangulation

Carlos Jiménez Cahua

Carlos Jiménez Cahua Work from Recent Work. “My recent artistic practice is motivated by contemplation upon an often-neglected aspect of photography, namely the paper upon which photographs are made—not the type of paper (e.g., matte, glossy, etc.), but rather, the paper as such, cleaved from the imagery upon it. Focusing on the paper as an […]

Laurie Kang

Laurie Kang Work from her oeuvre. “My practice is based in film photography, collage, sculpture and installation. I employ the photographic image’s ability to capture an image and present it as an apparently true document in time and history. Using both created and found images and objects, I merge fact with fiction, distorting and challenging […]

John Mann

John Mann Work from Folded in Place. I would be surprised if you haven’t seen this work yet. Mann’s Folded in Place series has made the rounds of the blogosphere, and if you haven’t seen it, you have been missing out. Mann’s site was update today (or yesterday) with some fantastic new works, check it […]

Michelle Forsyth

Michelle Forsyth Work from Text Work. These pieces are made by punching out small circles of paper in a way that replicates the print pattern of a newspaper press. Forsythe’s other work has a conceptually similar approach, using tedium and repitition to force reconsideration of contemporary imagery. “For the past several years my work has […]