Archives for the Month of June, 2012

Fabrice Le Nezet

Fabrice Le Nezet Work from Measure. “Fabrice Le Nezet made a great sculptural project called Measure, consisting in three different pieces which abstract iron structures are connected with blocks of concrete provoking some tension as Fabrice says; “I worked here on a physical representation of the idea of measure. The objective was to ‘materialize’ tension […]

Karthik Pandian

Karthik Pandian Work from his oeuvre. “Pandian prevents these monuments from being compartmentalized by history, as he goes looking for resonances in contemporary architecture. This idea continues to develop in his exhibition, “Unearth,” at the Whitney Museum in New York. The show is the second stage of a two-year project focused on the historic site […]

Adam Harvey

Adam Harvey Work from CV Dazzle. “…CV Dazzle™ is form of expressive interference that takes the form of makeup and hair styling (or other modifications). The name is derived from CV, a common abbreviation for computer vision, and Dazzle a type of camouflage used during WWI. Dazzle camouflage was originally used to break apart the […]

Gareth Long

Gareth Long Work from Venns. “Two lenticular prints featuring variations on Venn diagrams overlaid with diptych images relating to sculptural and theatrical traditions of Ancient Greece. The circular diagrams move and shift as the viewer walks past the prints. The circling shapes of the diagrams seem to suggest a boundary to what we can know […]

Giulio Paolini

Giulio Paolini Work from his oeuvre. “…From the inception of Arte povera in the late 1960s Paolini was considered one of its leading exponents. Although he shared the conceptual emphasis of his colleagues, during the 1970s he turned increasingly to an investigation of the whole system of art as recorded in museums. The most famous […]

Lara Almarcegui

Lara Almarcegui Work from her exhibition at Secession. “In her projects, the Spanish-born artist Lara Almarcegui, who lives in Rotterdam, examines processes of urban transformation brought on by political, social, and economic change. Since the mid-1990s, she has studied urban features that are not usually the focus of attention: wastelands, construction materials, invisible elements. In […]

Rick Silva

Rick Silva Work from En plein air. “Silva’s “En plein air” is an ultimately logical endeavor considering the artist’s mariage of natural and technological material and imagery in his practice. Here Silva is producing computer based works on location – in the open air – in the tradition of the impressionists. We are offered a […]

Le Creative Sweatshop

Le Creative Sweatshop Work from Cinq Fruits “Le Creative Sweatshop combines the installation form and the photography to do interesting contemporary still lifes based in soft colors and forms and made from common objects and materials. Most pieces are handmade which gives them a fragile stature” via Triangulation

what we call painting

what we call painting This exhibition features ANFisher, Jeremy Bailey, and Jeremy Rotsztain. CERMÂ is a new online/offline exhibition space whose inaugural exhibition opens tomorrow at Hauptbahnhof Offenbach. “Digital creations contain a strange indifference, one could even say »falseness«, in the way they appear. Where they seem to be is not where they actually »are«. […]

Korakrit Arunanondchai

Korakrit Arunanondchai Work from his oeuvre. “Arunanondchai invites the viewer into a heavenly earth, that extends in one direction towards an imagined hell, and in the other towards a heaven. Yet these visual spaces are at once inviting and forboding: the light-seeping wooden prism on the ground suggests a point of emergence into living and […]