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Trisha Donnelly

Trisha Donnelly Work from her oeuvre. “, sound, photographs, drawings, and performance, Trisha Donnelly explores the power of the human mind to will ideas into existence. At the same time, her work acknowledges the limits of language in any guise to fully contain our ideas and thoughts. In Night Is Coming the title words pulse in and […]

Frederik Van Simaey

Frederick Van Simaey Work from Tegenboschvanvrreden. “For those who are not so familiar with my work, it is about relationships between light, shadow and gestures of turning things in & out, upsidedown front to back. It’s about me and the other, about both visible and invisible forces… It speaks for itself” – Frederik Van Simaey

Johan Eldrot

Johan Eldrot Work from his oeuvre. “In the field of social semiotic theory (amongst other fields) the term modality (originally used in linguistics) is often used when referring to the truth-value or credibility of statements about the world. In Reading Images – The Grammar of Visual Design, by Gunther Kress and Theo van Leeuwen, the […]

Stefano Calligaro

Stefano Calligaro Work from his oeuvre. “The nature of Stefano Calligaro’s practice can be seen as a minimal intent to describe the construction of an artwork through layers of gestures as collecting displacing and remodeling materials, images and meanings. The works and their subtle presence in the space are tracing a constellation of references in constant […]

Sascha Weidner

Sascha Weidner Work from Beauty Remains. “Sascha Weidner looks for the Beautiful amongst the Everyday. His large-and small-format, spontaneous or staged, colour photographs present landscapes, still lives and people. At first glance, these motifs may appear banal: thickets, shrubs, flowerbeds, lakes, gravel, house walls, empty spaces, curtains, cloths, tarpaulins, and rubbish. People are shown in […]

Gustav Gustafsson

Gustav Gustafsson Work from 24 Photographs (Mostly). “Evasive and mysterious, Gustav Gustafsson, is a talented young Swede who does not abide by scholastic philosophy. Maybe this is the key to understanding his work, a photographic investigation which is driven by its significance rather than technique, which ironically bends a certain Scandinavian tradition. His project on […]