Archives for the Month of September, 2012

Petrit Halilaj

Petrit Halijaj Work from Kostërrc (CH). “Kostërrc (CH), 2011 consists of a hole (600 x 400 x 230 cm high) made in the Kostërrc hill in Kosovo. This hill is property of the Halilaj family and the original location of the house where the artist was born. The soil taken from the hole is transported […]

Bea Fremderman

Bea Fremderman Work from S,M,L.XL “The assemblages in S,M,L,XL can be understood as registers of information, composed of outmoded materials archetypal to American corporate office design. The recuperation of such standard materials subverts use value in a form of resistance. Much like the bureaucratic condition of office environments, the valid structural organization of things remains enigmatic and […]

Domino Effect

“Domino Effect” at Catherine Bastide, Brussels Work from Florian Auer, Leo Gabin, Yngve Holen, Renaud Jerez, Ilja Karilampi, Sean Raspet, and John Sparagana “Domino Effect chose to reverse the principle of causality by leading the return of the effects back to its cause. It puts forward the idea of collage through an endless play of action/interaction […]

Takeshi Murata

Takeshi Murata Work from Synthesizers at Salon 94. “His images display the technological innovations that invade our 21st century lives: sports drinks, antidepressants, Apple products, brand- name snacks, and exercise equipment. The objects have either been immaculately sculpted through computer programs or purchased as ready-mades from 3D web malls. Without access to a Hollywood animation studio, […]

Jeppe Hein

Jeppe Hein Work from Geometric Mirrors I-III. “Geometric Mirrors is a series of mirror angles, each consists of two mirrors connected to each other at angles of 90° to form a corner. Whereas the mirrors simply reflect the opposite space and the visitors when viewed from the side, an interesting optical phenomenon occurs when the […]

Ken Price

Ken Price Work from his oeuvre. “For more than fifty years, Ken Price, born in 1935 in Los Angeles, California, created remarkable and innovative works that have redefined contemporary sculpture practice. Price procured a cult following among critics and scholars since the 1960s, including Lucy Lippard, who declared in 1966, “It is a fact rather […]

Rosa Menkman

Rosa Menkman Work from Compress Process You can play Compress Process online via Unity here “Compress Process, 2012 is the latest great project by Rosa Menkman. It is an online virtual environment where Menkman has transported a big part of her glitches, errors and distortions as an interactive virtual form. It’s quite exciting to see the work […]

Naama Arad

Naama Arad Work from his/her oeuvre. “I am interested in art as an experience, both intellectually and sensually, and thus I create installations surrounding and containing the viewer; building a sort of setting for one to be “present inside of. In these installations I always try to create new locations by which the “self is […]

Viviane Sassen

Work from Parasomnia. “The title of the series Parasomnia alludes to sleep disorders and occurrences of anomalous and unusual actions. The body of work engages with our perception of the world and weaves elements of fine art, fashion and documentary generating something new: bold and perplexing, colourful yet serious, lucid and enigmatic. The visual constructions […]

Bryan Dooley

Bryan Dooley Work from Gold County Real Estate. “‘Gold County Real Estate’ ‘(Bud) …sorry, what a fox… funny, the most beautiful girls in the world are always on the street or in elevators, never get to talk to them, shy … my looks, never had confidence in them … overcompensating work syndrome… prove your worth […]