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Color Chart

Color Chart Exhibition at MOMA (2008). The above works are (in order) Christopher Williams, François Morollet, On Kawara, Gerhard Richter and Richard Serra. “When I started learning about the art of the 1960s, about ten years ago, the period seemed book-ended by two texts: Clement Greenberg’s After Abstract Expressionism (1962), which accounted for the importance […]

Viviane Sassen

Work from Parasomnia. “The title of the series Parasomnia alludes to sleep disorders and occurrences of anomalous and unusual actions. The body of work engages with our perception of the world and weaves elements of fine art, fashion and documentary generating something new: bold and perplexing, colourful yet serious, lucid and enigmatic. The visual constructions […]

Bea Fremderman

   Bea Fremderman Work from her oeuvre. “There is an immediacy in Fremderman’s work that brings to the fore a brash youthfulness that demands the spotlight and your full attention. She knows how to play on your desires while simultaneously captivating your gaze like a road-side car crash rubber-necker. The intimate relations that Fremderman is […]