Archives for the Month of April, 2014

Basic Zone

  Basic Zone at Casa Madre, Naples. “Basic is the forgotten debris of the collective effort towards individualism, the unconscious substratum of daily experience, a banal spontaneous product of economical and cultural forces, changing radically with every generation. Basic is not simple, and is not obtained through reduction, it is more a universal grey, a state of mind which most people try […]

Amanda Ross-Ho

Amanda Ross-Ho Work from The Character and Shape of Illuminated Things Los Angeles-based artist Amanda Ross-Ho’s first outdoor public art project,THE CHARACTER AND SHAPE OF ILLUMINATED THINGS, explores how photography is similar to the act of seeing. The title of the exhibition is adapted from the 1980 photography handbook How to Control and Use Photographic Lighting, which […]

Renaud Jerez and David Douard

Renaud Jerez and David Douard Work from Popular Mechanics at Valentin, Paris. “Responding to an invitation from the Galerie Chez Valentin, the young French artist Renaud Jerez offers an exhibition of his recent works he chooses to confront the parts of another young artist, David Douard . “Popular Mechanics” is an opportunity for a third collaboration between the two artists. While […]

Strauss Bourque-LaFrance

Strauss Bourque-LaFrance Work from his oeuvre. “Strauss Bourque-LaFrance’s work is often driven by formal decisions, though each gesture is latent with subversive qualities. This mechanism predates his 2010 MFA thesis show, “Rotten Sun,” but these moves can be seen here—perhaps most explicitly. Thesis exhibitions that year at Tower Projects, a factory warehouse-turned-gallery in the Northern […]

911,000BC at Grand Century

٩‎١‎١‎,000 B.C. at Grand Century. Featuring: Anders Dahl Monsen Bjørnar Pedersen Christopher Kulendran Thomas Ida Eritsland Ilja Karilampi Kareem Lotfy Karen Gimle Kjersti Gjestrud Mikael Brkic Phillip Zach Renaud Jerez Sandra Vaka Olsen Tarik H. Hindic Tor Erik Bøe curated by Agatha Wara “We’ve come a long way bb’s. But let’s keep going, to a […]

Aida Silvestri

Aida Silvestri Work from Even This Will Pass This body of work depicts the journeys and experiences of Eritrean refugees into the United Kingdom. Those who emigrated from Eritrea did so illegally for various reasons. Inspired by the story of a childhood friend, I investigated further only to learn that there were many more like her […]

Matias Faldbakken

  Matias Faldbakken Work from his oeuvre. “Faldbakken’s solo show at Museum Boijmans van Beuningen is an example of the paradoxical nature of his institutional criticism. The exhibition presents a selection of pieces from his ‘Container’ series, which range from empty gas cans to abandoned garbage bags. The exhibition’s pivotal piece is Untitled / Locker Sculpture […]


Work from “Depression” at Francois Ghebaly Gallery, Los Angeles. Organized by Ramiken Crucible. Featuring work by Catharine Ahearn, Bjorn Amre, Lucas Blalock, Borden Capalino, Dan Finsel, Charlotte Hammer, Matt Heckert, Nolan Hendrickson, Gavin Kenyon, Andra Ursuta, and Margaret Weber. “A scale model of a new building design will be exhibited simultaneously with Depression. Commissioned by Ramiken Crucible and funded with capital leveraged against the permanent collection […]

John Knuth

John Knuth Work from Master Plan at Andrew Rafacz (and other similar works). “For Knuth, the most basic level of alchemy can be transcendent. Whether he is working with sugar, smoke or insects, the common and fleeting are repurposed and given new meaning. Much of his project is centered on the natural world and its […]

Bianca Chang

Bianca Chang Work from her oeuvre. ““Our eyes have become accustomed to the daily inundation of complex moving images. The Light Maps works are my effort to conjure – or at least imagine – a visual quietness in which the fundamental distinctions of perception can find a territory to be examined. The works have been […]