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Basic Zone

  Basic Zone at Casa Madre, Naples. “Basic is the forgotten debris of the collective effort towards individualism, the unconscious substratum of daily experience, a banal spontaneous product of economical and cultural forces, changing radically with every generation. Basic is not simple, and is not obtained through reduction, it is more a universal grey, a state of mind which most people try […]

Timm Ulrichs

  Timm Ulrichs Work from his oeuvre. “…Ulrich’s work is interdisciplinary. He is a representative of Neodadaismus , body art and conceptual art . Also located Ulrichs busy with printmaking, the artist’s book and performance art. He is also known for his study of the language . Ulrich uses tautologies , paradoxesand ambiguities in the language – for example: ” In the beginning was the word at … “- as well as verbal terms artistic, usually in the […]