Mattia Listowski

Mattia Listowski

Work from Space/Shore/Lights.

ROTATE is a plane rotating on itself at the same speed as the carousel which projects the plane: there is a parallel time. Installation designs light through a plane, a frame of white light showing a blank space behind the projection plane. As the plane rotates on itself and blank space is beyond (behind), this space is also around the plane: there is a parallel space. Time and space coincide with reality.

TRANSLATE modifies the real space providing a contradiction, with the infinite space bounded by the definite space of screens. Windows on the same open landscape horizon trapped in a circle. A contemplative dimension; where anyone can imagine an inversion between the installation and the reality. Imagine our physical space revolving around the open landscape of the installation.

That design is an illusion is a way to say reality may not be true and seems unreal. LIGHTSCAPE is the idea of a paradox with this vertical and giddy world we live in. The Installation creates an inside perspective that makes one feel tranquil. Living the sensation of an infinite space in a more and more definite world. A zero gravity experience.” – Mattia Listowski

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