Henrique Roscoe

Henrique Roscoe

Work from Ponto.

“Dot, a videogame with no winner’ is an audiovisual performance with synchronized sounds and images, played by a ‘game console’ built and programmed by the artist, and controlled by retro videogame (Nintendo) joysticks. The instrument is completely autonomous and works without the need of a computer, using only a projector and sound system to play its content.

The project was created with the idea of criticizing some aspects of game logics, but using its own aesthetics, sounds and characteristic graphic elements. The performance criticizes, through abstract images, themes linked to videogames and people’s everyday life, All images and sounds were created and programmed by the artist and they are played in real time, in a 30 minutes performance. For the live performance, the audience is invited to play with the artist, and both produce together the soundtrack and the images.

The performance has 5 parts, like the levels of a game. People from the audience are invited to play with the artist. They stay seated on cushions, on the stage, turned to the screen, controlling all the elements of the performance using 2 Nintendo joysticks – as if they were playing a videogame at home.” – Henrique Roscoe

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