Franck Salzwedel


Franck Salzwedel

Work from THE STAR WEPT ROSE at Blackston Gallery.

“…Salzwedel utilizes both precision and intuition in applying layers of pigment to reveal luminescent, entirely smooth panels of singular yet gradated colors, which progress both laterally and radially across the surface. With little overt contrast across the plane, the focus is on nuance and the barely discernable variation across the individual panel of color. The additional overlay of a virtually imperceptible iridescence changes entirely in overall effect according to the perspective from where a painting is viewed.

The texture of the pieces is perceived in the subtle transition of colors on both the panels and in reference to their counterparts. The smooth perfection of the surfaces, the repetitive vibration of color, the interplay of the pieces and the scope of pigments employed all assume vital roles in creating a precise environment based on a limited spectrum of color — and offer a direct connection to the transformative experience of color in general.

The ultimate depth of the surface is virtually negligible to the viewer, a perception that is enhanced by the sight of the edge of the boards, which are painted white. The works take on a transcendent lightness, similar to paper.” – Blackston Gallery

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