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Jinwoo Hwon Lee

Jinwoo Hwon Lee Work from Tell Them I said Hello. “I was 19, when I came back by myself to the United States since being a toddler. I did not speak what everyone spoke. I knew no one. People in the small town noticed me by my color. Koreans born and raised in America thought […]

Ann Veronica Janssens

Ann Veronica Janssen Work from her exhibition at Ausstellungshalle Zeitgenössische Kunst Münster. “Ann Veronica Janssen’s artistic practice can be understood as a research expedition into the sensory experience of reality. The artist, who lives in Belgium, uses various artistic techniques and disciplines–installations, projections, films, urban interventions, photographs and sculptures–and invites the viewer to enter new […]

Olve Sande

Olve Sande Work from his/her oeuvre. “Many of Olve Sande’s conceptually complex, often architectonically-inflected works are as likely to allude to literary production as they are to visual art itself. His series of prints referencing T.S. Eliot’s The Wasteland, for example, depict nothing but the editorial mark-up through which Eliot’s mentor, Ezra Pound, amended and […]

Mary Temple

Mary Temple Work from her oeuvre. “Mary Temple’s new installation Northwest Corner, Southeast Light, 2011, creates an empty space for contemplation behind the glass front wall of the Rice University Art Gallery. Inside, the cool white walls are empty; they surround a white oak floor, or rather, a platform that takes up all but the […]

Franck Salzwedel

Franck Salzwedel Work from THE STAR WEPT ROSE at Blackston Gallery. “…Salzwedel utilizes both precision and intuition in applying layers of pigment to reveal luminescent, entirely smooth panels of singular yet gradated colors, which progress both laterally and radially across the surface. With little overt contrast across the plane, the focus is on nuance and […]

Carlos Cruz-Diez

Carlos Cruz-Diez Work from Chromosaturaion. “These works relate to the idea that in the origin of every culture lies a primary event as a starting point. A simple situation that generates a whole system of thoughts, sensitivity, myths, etc. The Chromosaturation is an artificial environment composed of three color chambers, one red, one green and […]

Ryoji Ikeda

Ryoji Ikeda Work from test pattern. “This latest audiovisual work from Ryoji Ikeda, presents intense flickering black and white imagery, which floats and convulses in darkness to a stark and powerful, highly synchronised soundtrack. Through a real–time computer programme, test pattern converts Ikeda’s audio signal patterns into tightly synchronized barcode patterns on screen. The velocity […]

David Raymond Conroy

David Raymond Conroy Work from Construction and Modification. “David Raymond Conroy brings together three works that have loss, removal and absence at their heart. Through editing, removal and reduction the pieces meditate on the relationship between unperceived labour and actualized product. Conroy presents an attempt to share experience through, and in acknowledgement of, the artwork’s […]

Alexander Lis

Alexander Lis Work From Gradient Paintings. “Creative Research is an open space for all sorts of self-initiated projects in the fields of art and design.” – Alexander Lis via Triangulation Blog.