Ann Veronica Janssens


Ann Veronica Janssen

Work from her exhibition at Ausstellungshalle Zeitgenössische Kunst Münster.

“Ann Veronica Janssen’s artistic practice can be understood as a research expedition into the sensory experience of reality. The artist, who lives in Belgium, uses various artistic techniques and disciplines–installations, projections, films, urban interventions, photographs and sculptures–and invites the viewer to enter new frontiers of perception that can shift between such diverse experiences as vertigo or the disorientation of a blinding white-out. Her minimalist works emphasize the fleetingness, transience and impermanent character of the visible. Her use of all-encompassing light effects, blinding colors or translucent, reflective surfaces destabilize a sense of physical matter and reveal the ultimate instablility of the perception of time and space. In her often-jarring installations, Janssens finds sensual approximations for such nebulous ideas as emptiness, immateriality and the infinite.

For her exhibition in Münster, Ann Veronica Janssens will respond to the unique conditions and atmosphere of the exhibition architecture and develop various, site-related light-sculptures and light-installations with minimalistic objects. Along with older works, she will show new installations created specifically for this context.” – Ausstellungshalle Zeitgenössische Kunst Münster

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