Luc Fuller



Luc Fuller

Work from his oeuvre.

“I’m interested how images depend on and transform ways of thinking about language, communication, and meaning-making. I’m curious how conceptions and perceptions of image, viewer, and truth, are transformed through various contexts and cultures.

Employing a syntactical approach to image making, I paint signs, symbols, and shapes. The paintings – as objects that can be taken off the wall and rearranged or re-contextualized with other paintings, images, or objects – are much like the letters that make up words in language. And much like in language, images take on new forms of meaning depending on their context: who is viewing them and the culture in which they are viewed. These images are always in flux, taking on and providing new meanings over time. They are forever capable of being re-contextualized, redistributed, and re-appropriated. Thus, no image has the leisure of existing as a finite representation of something – as existing with only one definition or one meaning.

My work is playful and honest. It is intended to give images some serious thought, and look at all the ways in which they exist: pictorially, graphically, optically, perceptually, mentally, and verbally. I hope that through this process I provoke not only myself, but my audience to achieve a new heightened awareness of self, images, and the world we live in and perhaps begin to look at these things objectively. ” – Luc Fuller

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