Timm Ulrichs

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Timm Ulrichs

Work from his oeuvre.

“…Ulrich’s work is interdisciplinary. He is a representative of Neodadaismus , body art and conceptual art . Also located Ulrichs busy with printmaking, the artist’s book and performance art. He is also known for his study of the language . Ulrich uses tautologies , paradoxesand ambiguities in the language – for example: ” In the beginning was the word at … “- as well as verbal terms artistic, usually in the form of sculptures or installations in order.

Continuously Ulrichs has operated public art. Large, often thematic and site-specific sculptures by Ulrichs include before MagdeburgHauptbahnhof ( the earth’s axis ), near the Munich Allianz Arena in Froettmaning ( Sunken Village ), the open-air statuary in Antwerp (model homes, type Bomarzo ), in the old town of Recklinghausen ( The whole and the parts ), in mountain Kamen ( pyramid to the Center of the Earth ) [6] , in Mülheim / Ruhr -Styrum ( between the lines ), in Sinsheim ( home birth ), before the gallery Nordhorn ( The Foundling ) and in food about 150 m northeast of the Museum Folkwang ( surrounding space ) to see.

Ulrich is his own definition according to which a total artist. This term can be viewed from two perspectives. One factor is the heterogeneity and variability of the overall work, on the other hand he owed to different sources of inspiration, and less as a label for Ulrichs’ individual pieces, but as a formula for the total and unfinished creative process to understand. In the strict sense refers to Ulrichs’ conception of “total art” a reflexive aesthetic process, the familiar patterns of perception and worldviews sensitized and challenged…” – Wikipedia

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