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Timm Ulrichs

  Timm Ulrichs Work from his oeuvre. “…Ulrich’s work is interdisciplinary. He is a representative of Neodadaismus , body art and conceptual art . Also located Ulrichs busy with printmaking, the artist’s book and performance art. He is also known for his study of the language . Ulrich uses tautologies , paradoxesand ambiguities in the language – for example: ” In the beginning was the word at … “- as well as verbal terms artistic, usually in the […]

Hannah Levy

Hannah Levy Work from her oeuvre. “Artist Hannah Levy uses the term “design purgatory” to describe these overlooked objects, cursed to live below the radar and gaze of their human creators. Levy finds herself attracted to forms that, once removed from their intended environs and functions, begin to lose the human conditioning that initially defines […]

Dave Hardy

Dave Hardy Work from his exhibition at Regina Rex. he paintings of John Almanza and the sculptures of Dave Hardy reflect the reckless abandon of progress, with an emphasis on looking at how materials get relegated to the side as other forces push forward. Indulging in the abundances available to them, both artists consider excess […]