Nik Mirus

Nik Mirus

Work from the series Blackboard Landscapes and People and Quiet Spaces.

Blackboard Landscapes:

“There is something to be said about sitting in an empty classroom, (generally a very static/clinical environment) and staring at a 4 x 12 foot black chalkboard. I became very interested in observing these classroom blackboards. They’re surfaces always seemed to be in a state of motion, shifting appearance and form through out the day as various people marked them up and wiped them clean. They take on the appearance of vast, empty landscapes. I found them to be beautifully simple and very enjoyable to watch as if I were sitting on an open plain or looking over a vast expanse of water.”

People and Quiet Spaces:

“Very rarely do I use the camera as a means of capturing a specific event or instant in time. Rather, I prefer to use it as a tool with which to build a moment or create a feeling. I like to construct my photographs from the ground up. I enjoy choosing the subject, location and composition while designing the appropriate lighting, and then put everything together like building blocks. The result is often theatrical in its presentation. People and Quiet Spaces is a collection of work that has been in development over the past two years and represents my approach to portrait photography. I’ve always been drawn to the people around me, and their unique environments. In the series I present to you, the space is as much a subject of the photograph as the person is. I invite you to explore the relationship between both as well as the individuality of each.”

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