Carolin Reichert

Carolin Reichert

Work from the series Light, Untitled, and Fakes.

“In my work I deal with an inventory of memory. The human memory as triggered by situations, encounters and objects referring to and rooted in the past, yet recurring and manifesting themselves anew in the present. I am interested in exploring the individual’s perception of reality and the role and capacities of memory and recollection within that process. This process affects and moulds both past and present. Thus, by drawing upon an inherited ‘visual library’, both personal and public (personal recollections, media-related and culturally-induced images), study the difference between ‘Space Perceived’ and ‘Space Represented’.

The depicted images portray brief moments, belonging to the past, frozen, re-framed and deliberately transported to their new context, with which they are at odds or incompatible. The evolving picture results in a multi-layered image built-up and consisting of apparent layers, rough interferences, functioning as vehicles for the replaceable projection of the viewer’s recollections, temporary photographic frames, originated by given situations and marked by the individual’s perceptive recollections.

At the core of my work is the study and exploration of ‘memory’, its capabilities and its very nature.My work therefore ultimately deals with the attempt, possibility and implications of visualizing ‘absent presence’.”

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