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Pierre Bismuth

Pierre Bismuth Work from his oeuvre. __________________ Following the Right Hand of  “From the beginning of the movie [name of classic Hollywood movie] to the moment the image was taken, Pierre Bismuth has carefully followed and retranscribed the right hand movements of [name of iconic movie star], thereby creating a drawing overlaying the original image. […]

John Mann

John Mann Work from Folded in Place. I would be surprised if you haven’t seen this work yet. Mann’s Folded in Place series has made the rounds of the blogosphere, and if you haven’t seen it, you have been missing out. Mann’s site was update today (or yesterday) with some fantastic new works, check it […]

Carolin Reichert

Carolin Reichert Work from the series Light, Untitled, and Fakes. “In my work I deal with an inventory of memory. The human memory as triggered by situations, encounters and objects referring to and rooted in the past, yet recurring and manifesting themselves anew in the present. I am interested in exploring the individual’s perception of […]

Michelle Forsyth

Michelle Forsyth Work from Text Work. These pieces are made by punching out small circles of paper in a way that replicates the print pattern of a newspaper press. Forsythe’s other work has a conceptually similar approach, using tedium and repitition to force reconsideration of contemporary imagery. “For the past several years my work has […]

Brad Farwell

Brad Farwell Work from the series Lottery. I also reccommend An African Mask Looks at Sites of American Blackness and Fourth, the Tourists. Farwell’s Lottery work reminds me of Nikki S. Lee, who I guess I will have to post tomorrow, because it is awesome. “Large, vision-filling photographs, minutely detailed, with rectangles of metallic silver […]

Kristi Malakoff

I’m always interested in elaborate & intricate paper cutting. Kristi Malakoff has several interesting bodies of work that cut money, stamps, and other paper material into dimensional stories.