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Misha De Ridder

Misha De Ridder Work from Abendsonne. “Sometimes natural phenomena can become so estranged and mysterious, that we are inclined to describe them as unreal realities. It might be the extraordinary shape of a tree, a mountain, a shadow, a cloud or the mirroring reflection of nature in a lake, but it is foremost the unfamiliarity […]

François Delfosse

François Delfosse Delfosse is a Belgian architect and, as far as I can tell, is not pursuing art beyond his own edification. As such, I could find no statement or review, but I wanted to share these with you regardless, because they are pretty amazing.  Cube shadow study n°8 Cube shadow study n°4 via PYTR75

Carolin Reichert

Carolin Reichert Work from the series Light, Untitled, and Fakes. “In my work I deal with an inventory of memory. The human memory as triggered by situations, encounters and objects referring to and rooted in the past, yet recurring and manifesting themselves anew in the present. I am interested in exploring the individual’s perception of […]

Spencer Finch

Spencer Finch Work from Prussian Blue and others. Finch’s work is a great conceptual examination of light and color, and I have only posted a small sampling of it here. Descriptions (in order): Sky (Over Coney Island, November 26th, 2004, 12:47pm. Southwest view over the Cyclone.) | 2004, balloons, helium and string. Installation at Miami […]