Matthew Tischler

Matthew Tischler

Work from Screen Series.

I was made aware of Tischler’s work through a mailing from Jen Bekman’s 20×200 project. You can see Tischler’s work (and buy it) here.

“Technology has enormously impacted our perception of the world. Aside from the practical and pragmatic functions of computers in our time, the digital revolution has created a certain modern “aesthetic” which is extremely pervasive in our culture. I hope to reference the aesthetics of digital technology, without employing the tools. Therefore, my photographs are “traditionally” printed from negatives (chromogenic color prints), without any digital enhancement or manipulation. 

The effect of the grid used in the Untitled Screen Series is such that images are divided, pixelated, and filtered. Subjects and figures are therefore broken apart and reconstructed in such a way that they are both integrated into their environment and isolated within it. None of the subjects in these photographs have any discernable facial features or characteristics. The screen that is imposed over each tableau subjugates their identities. Richly saturated colors and flattened space create alluring vistas that seem to resemble video stills. ” 

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