Glue Society

Glue Society

Work from their oeuvre, but not from a titled body of work.

The Glue Society has no sweeping statement I could find, nor any statement at all. The only information I could dig up was a few names, and the fact that they are an creative collective based in Sydney and New York. The pieces I chose are from their website, which I can only assume is intended to reframe the way we browse the internet with its (seemingly) pre-programmed wait times, java script errors, and huge Macintosh browsing icons from the days before OSX (or I went too far and it is just an error).

The pieces, as listed in order: God’s Eye View [Titles are: Moses, Cross, Eden, Ark], Digger (It wasn’t meant to end like this), and Pigeon.

There is obviously a disarming use of humor here, and a playful approach to art that in some ways reflects their advertising background, but I see a remarkably clever appropriation of culture as a material. With another of their pieces Relic (not shown here), artifacts of our daily existence are encased in small balls of amber like anthropological artifacts of the now extinct human race.

If you bump across a statement anywhere, please let me know.

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