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Agnes Meyer-Brandis

Agnes Meyer-Brandis Work from Moon Goose Colony. “Agnes Meyer-Brandis’s poetic-scientific investigations weave fact, imagination, storytelling and myth, past, present and future. In Moon Goose Analogue: Lunar Migration Bird Facility, a major commission, the artist develops an ongoing narrative based on the book The Man in the Moone, written by the English bishop Francis Godwin in […]

Hiroshi Sugimoto

Hiroshi Sugimoto Work from Lightning Fields (also check out all of his work if you haven’t seen it before). “The word electricity is thought to derive from the ancient Greek elektron, meaning “amber.” When subject to friction, materials such as amber and fur produce an effect that we now know as static electricity. Related phenomena […]

Larson + Shindelman

Larson + Shindelman Work from Witness. “Marni Shindelman and Nate Larson took this one step further with one of the best presentations of the conference, “Witness: A Psychic Collaboration.” Citing an investigation of extra-sensory perception that was sponsored by the United States government in the 1980s, they examined the “Stargate Project” and create images and […]

Alison Carey

Alison Carey Work from Organic Remains of a Former World. “Organic Remains of a Former World are contemporary ambrotypes inspired by the invisible past of the Paleozoic era. The images draw from data and illustrations of scientific research, and are shot using clay models submerged in 55-gallon aquariums. Carey photographs her vision of this ancient […]

Carlo Van de Roer

Carlo Van de Roer Work from Orbs and Blinded by the Light. Van de Roer has some amazing, critical, and conceptual projects that cover a wide range of photographically-specific commentary. I advise you to peruse his website. There is also a great interview / article from Pilot Magazine about Blinded by the Light that you […]

Glue Society

Glue Society Work from their oeuvre, but not from a titled body of work. The Glue Society has no sweeping statement I could find, nor any statement at all. The only information I could dig up was a few names, and the fact that they are an creative collective based in Sydney and New York. […]