Jonathan Dankenbring

Jonathan Dankenbring

Work from Prototyping Fulfillment.

“Every object present in our daily life reflects ideological information about its maker and its audience. Yet, often we do not take time out of our busy day to ponder how our built environment is manipulated through visual and physical means. My most recent series of works are carefully selected, culturally relevant, forms that carry with them a vast wealth of information about our own culture. The information being investigated is that found in the purely form-based qualities inherent in the design of these objects. What does an overtly square / rounded / thin / thick / flat / glossy form say about designers and the culture in which, and for which, they are designing? I approach these questions from an amateur anthropological perspective rather than using more common research / writing tools of investigation. The result is a collection of streamlined visual representations of culturally sought after forms, placed back into said culture to ask for a reviewing process of the beliefs we hold. ” – Jonathan Dankenbring

via Ryan Mandell

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