Patricia Neligan

Patricia Neligan

Work from Vorübergehend.

“The starting point of my photographic art is the observation of people in relation to space.
Here is definitely meant the ambiguity of the term „space“, incorporating both that of the
conceptual and the real reference space. I try in my photographic work to create tension
between reproduction and the originality of the pictures subject.

My work is titled vorübergehend (temporary) and is an analysis of the human being. It is a collection of discovered impressions and describes the state of movement. I am interested in how people move in their environment. It is about the process of „being on one‘s way“ in the world – about going away and returning, and about the passing moment. Environment is a basic component of our image of reality. Thepictures lie in the space between movement and stillness, and in them, the human appears as a figurine; as a projection on a screen. It is also part of my own movement and is a collection of located impressions. The settings are referential yet not clearly locatable – they are like little episodes or stopped moments.” – Patricia Neligan

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