Tudor Bratu

Tudor Bratu

Work from Album, Record, and Night Study #4.

Bratu’s website is a cornucopia of projects, go visit it.


Album: “By altering the initial order of images, using blanks and empty space as image, the seemingly real of the facsimilae reproduction of the album, is contradicted by the absence and displace-ment of the original images. Thus, what seems real and authentic in print, is in fact a manu-factured construct, a book in which ‘the senses deceive perception’. The specific, time-limited original album, is at the same time doubly preserved as a defined object belonging to a specific individual, and transformed into a vast and timeless cliche, belonging to everyone.”

Record: “‘Record’ is an artists book conceived as a journey through a limitless and overexpanding city. The 700 images used, depicting various streets from different Western and Eastern European and Asian cities ( see also ‘Archive’ ) such as Berlin, Bucharest, Amsterdam, Brussels, Seoul, Tallinn, and others, are so combined, that the different city images all flow into one another, creating the impression of an endless journey of repetitions. The size of the book – A3 format – fills the field of vision drawing the spectator into the journeys own reality. The differences between the various cities, and their specific political and social structures, is evened out. All is left, is a record, a mirroring of people by focussing on where they live and what they leave behind.”

Night Study #4: “Series of 20 black and white photographs made during trips at night in the Amazon rain forrest in Surinam. Each image 250×180 cm, inkjet on paper, framed. ” – Tudor Bratu

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