New Catalogue

New Catalogue (Luke Batten and Jonathan Sadler)

Works from Color Theory for the Economist and Nine Portraits of Patrick Swayze.

“New Catalogue is an artists’ collaborative that adopts the model of a stock photo agency, presenting thematic series of images with the crisp aesthetic and pared-down descriptive titles of their commercial prototypes. Yet the artists carefully merge diverse references from popular culture, historical sources, and fine art in their photographs to create an elaborate compression of elements culled from, in their words, “postmodernity’s visual psyche.” While revealing a subtle eye for satire, their work stands as a pointed examination of the nature of representation and image-making in contemporary culture. In their recent series Tiger Afternoon the artists develop a narrative of American suburbia that they describe as “a Jean-Luc Godard version of a John Hughes film,” exploring and ultimately questioning the idealization of youth in our time.” – Courtesy of the MoCP

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