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New Catalogue

New Catalogue (Luke Batten and Jonathan Sadler) Works from Color Theory for the Economist and Nine Portraits of Patrick Swayze. “New Catalogue is an artists’ collaborative that adopts the model of a stock photo agency, presenting thematic series of images with the crisp aesthetic and pared-down descriptive titles of their commercial prototypes. Yet the artists […]

Meggan Gould

Meggan Gould Work from Verso. Also take a gander at her Go Ogle series of photographic averages. “My most recent work continues to probe the tension between what conventionally constitutes a picture space and the underlying factors, textual or otherwise, that work to reinforce and define that space. These stark images allow the viewer to […]

Joe Hardesty

  Joe Hardesty Work from the series Text Drawings. Hardesty’s work with text drawings is a conceptually compelling look at the content of photographs and how one reads an image. “I make seemingly simple drawings on paper that address ambiguous and contradictory aspects of our cultural landscape. By focusing viewers’ attention primarily through the use […]