Roula Partheniou

Roula Partheniou

Work from Handmade Readymade, Bookstall, and Works, Works I.

The Handmade Readymade project is an ongoing series of canvases painted to resemble books. The paintings function as trompe l’oeil in the round, as text works, found poetry, as constructed mini-narratives and as stand-ins for grand universal themes.

An exercise in scale, appropriation and repurposing – language is offered up as a material, occilating between the visual and the communicative.

Through the transformative properties of re-making, the found text and images mutate and become malleable to new meaning. 


Works, Works 1, Twice is a double-take. What at first appears to be two sets of two identical books is in reality one set of real books and one set of painted books. Works, Works 1, Twice is a pair of pairs by a pair of people – a collaboration between one artist who likes to find things and another who likes to fake things.

-Roula Partheniou

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