Drew Leshko

Drew Leshko

Work from Simple Solutions.

“Simply Solutions is a documentary project spawning from the problem solving skills of Peco energy. Each photograph was recreated in miniature in my studio. I was first drawn to the telephone lines because of the quick fixes, or in some cases no fixes at all. These potentially hazardous situations are quite ridiculous to think about.  

Telephone lines are beautiful. They are structures that i have always been drawn to. Obviously I am not alone on this thought. I can remember in one of my first photography classes, we had a “line” project. I am pretty sure that 9/10 students photographed telephone lines. Its really funny.  

Presenting another photograph of telephone lines is really boring. My series pushes the viewer to detect the surreal nature of the photographs. In person, the viewer sees a sculpture installed accompanying the photographs. Given the clue, the viewer is then able to detect that the cables are nothing more than threads, and that the knots in the wood, are simply burns with lighters. ” – Drew Leshko

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