Jason Lazarus

Jason Lazarus

Work from his oeuvre.

“Regarding all photographic projects cumulatively, I am interested in the role of the contemporary artist as hell-raiser, prophet, failure, and historian. Whether it is the possibilities of the conceptual self-portrait, the awed irony of an American attending an airshow in 2006, or a picture of a picture, the photographic investigation of personal histories as well as contemporary society act as a foundation to investigate our individual and cultural obsessions.

Statement: Self Portraits as an Artist
The self-portraits as an artist series features conceptual self-portraits that playfully examine the ambiguous role of a contemporary artist. From seducer, savant, slacker and rebel to pundit, cultural critic, art historian and prophet, the mass public and artists themselves both tend toward differing caricatured views of the same role.

In America specifically, the products of artists have a hard-to-define value to an economically obsessed culture. These images are meant to simultaneously confirm and disrupt our expectations of artists.

Through an artistic process that is part document and part construction, the images invite the viewers to witness the artist’s constant confrontation as an individual (artist) in the world. As the images become less overt in the series, the viewer is asked, through the lens of a conceptual self-portrait, to complete the image for themselves and infers a beckoning to share the act of ‘looking’ with the artist.” – Jason Lazarus

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