Nikki Graziano

Nikki Graziano

Work from Found Functions.

“For centuries, the arts and sciences/maths, have been at each others throats in regards to whose field is more relevant. Although I’m a strong supporter and believer in the arts, I’m also greatly fascinated with science and the endless theories it has to offer. I also think that they complement each other, bringing about strong potential to create and innovate, thus leaving me with no one favorite/preference.

Despite that age old feud, New York photographer and mathematician, Nikki Graziano, has combined the two worlds in a rather simplistic and beautiful manner. Photographing the mundane, Nikki extracts the organically occurring functions found in and around nature. Graphing the linear paths of shadows, trees, hills, etc, she’s able to present and produce complex equations to match the respective findings.” – Wesley Yendrys

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