Nina Beier

The Extreme and Mean Ratio of (Head of Man)
-A shot at a public sculpture

A found bronze bust of an unidentified person is installed in the exhibition.
Before the opening its head is severed from its neck and thrown in
the sea near by. In the event that the head reappears during a show
the curator can choose to claim it and restore the bust.

Framing The Title of the Work

A studio shot of an artwork is framed. When documented during exhibition, a copy of this
photograph replaces the previous one in the frame.

Non Finito

A sculpture in process is to be exhibited or sold on the agreement that the artist might or might not turn up at the exhibition or collector’s storage to continue working on it.


Nina Beier

Work from her oeuvre.

“Both the conceptual and concrete works of Nina Beier are often carried by some sort of relativism, that on the one hand can be seen as an aspect of the works conditional existence and potential of realisation [sic], from another is unfolding itself in relation to the viewer and the frames within which the works are presented.

This as site-specific installations or interventions that throws an examining glance at the institutional context. The works often appear like suggestions or guidance, whose potential for a realisation is handed over to the viewer (incl. the gallery’s staff or curator). In other cases the work presents itself as un-fulfilled promises, whose existence depend on either the viewer, the collector or maybe as a future coincidence.” – text via Proyectos Monclova

via Vvork

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