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Koen Hauser

Koen Hauser Work from Catharsis. “For six weeks the exhibition space of the Scheltema complexwas transformed into a filmstudio for a project that connects art, psychology, documentary, cinema and music. During this working period I interviewed people on situations or conditions that makes them feel abnormal and different from others, recording it on video. These conversations […]

Hellicar and Lewis

Hellicar and Lewis Work from Mirror Mirror. “We were invited by the Victoria and Albert Museum’s Learning & Interpretation department to create an installation to engage people of all ages over their Baroque weekend, in support of the recent Baroque exhibition. Using the departments existing range of iMacs, we made an installation that would create […]

Nina Beier

 The Extreme and Mean Ratio of (Head of Man)-A shot at a public sculpture A found bronze bust of an unidentified person is installed in the exhibition.Before the opening its head is severed from its neck and thrown inthe sea near by. In the event that the head reappears during a showthe curator can choose […]

Anders Weberg

Anders Weberg Work from P2P Art. P2P art is a brilliant examination of the ephemeral nature of art, and in many ways, contemporary culture. It is art realeased into the wild and reliant on the viewer to keep the work in existence (in the most literal sense). Go check out the other videos on his […]

Steve Lambert

Steve Lambert‘s Add-Art plugin for Firefox replaces Ad’s in your web browser with curated art images. The images are updated every two weeks and features young contemporary artists and curators. I came across his work for the first time with the Shopdropping exhibition curated by Pond Gallery in San Francisco. He also has great drawings […]

Causality Labs

Causality Labs  Work from the pieces (top to bottom) Reasonable Expectation of Privacy, Clock, The Now, no…now, no…now, no…wait, So Far I do not Know, and Shortlived Moments Causality Labs is a collaboration between Galo Moncayo and Andy Holtin whose work is generally interactive/mechanized sculpture that functions based on (intentional or not) audience participation. Awesome […]