Hans-Christian Schink

Hans-Christian Schink

Work from 1h.

““1 h” was a long term project which German photographer Hans-Christian Schink undertook in 2003. The result of the project – a photography series – consists of two parts each made up of 12 photographs taken in different places in the northern and southern hemispheres. The images depict the “movement” of the sun in the sky during one hour. The artist’s aim was to create images depicting time as an abstract phenomenon.

The inspiration for the project came from American photographer Minor White’s image “The Black Sun” (1955) in which due to a frozen shutter that caused extreme overexposure White had accidently captured the sun as a black hole in the sky. Schink wondered whether this effect known as “true solarisation” might also work with a much longer exposure, i.e., an exposure of one hour. Another notable fact is that the angle of the line of the sun’s “course” varies depending on the latitude where the photograph is taken – in the far north during the summer months when the midnight sun can be observed the line is horizontal, but on the Tropic of Cancer in the summer solstice it is almost vertical.” – RIXC Gallery

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