Wakaba Noda

Wakaba Noda

Work from Blink and Making a Map.

“The above work is taken from Noda’s “Blink”, a series of diptychs. This series was given an honorable mention by famed critic Kotaro Iizawa at the 2006 Canon “New Cosmos of Photography” competition. About this work, Noda says that she “tried to make the physical body reaction (blink) into a photographic image. To blink is something that we can not really control. (Of course we can blink intentionally.) I wondered and visualized what I am missing in the little moment when I blink. So that is why I used two pictures to show a little difference and moment between there.” – Japan Exposures


“Trying to create a perfect place by assembling photographs of small wonders, Noda makes a map of a world not defined by geography, but by the possibilities that photography offers. Making A Map is Wakaba Noda’s first book.” – Farewell Books

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