Tara Kelton

Tara Kelton

Work from Hypnotic Consumption, Weather Shifts, and Human Filter.

Hypnotic Consumption is a recontextualization of animated GIFs. Link here.

Weather Shifts – “Applies current temperature and wind conditions to Google satellite images at any zip code input by user. The wind speed determines how far the images are ‘blown’, and the temperature determines their level of saturation. Transforms images of perennially pleasant weather into dynamic reflections of reality. Depicted here are zipcodes in Texas, Arizona, Alaska and New York.”

Human Filter – “A chat program containing a human filter. Each time a user sends a message it is rerouted as audio data to a non-native speaker of English who transcribes the message and then sends it to its originally intended destination. Errors that occur through this process cause the conversation between the two users to degrade over time. A chat between Melissa Levin and Lauren Harden, with Hyoun Youl Joe as the filter. Each mistranslated message is overlaid on the user’s original message as soon as it has been received, letting the user know that a scrambling has occured without showing them exactly what was communicated, or miscommunicated.”

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