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Gilles De Brock

Gilles De Brock Work from Liquid Design and The New Public Space  “Liquid Design Imagine, you’re living in the 14th century, somebody tells you the printing press will be a catalyst in a scientific revolution. You would probably think this person is exaggerating. You do understand the principle of reproduction and distribution of thought, that’s […]

Maxime Guyon

Maxime Guyon Work from “Living 90′s graphism“. ““Living 90′s graphism” it’s a great project that was sent through to us by the french Ecole de Condé student Maxime Guyon and we immediately fell in love with it. Concerning some current trends in graphic design, “Living 90′s graphism” deals with a mid 80′s-90′s visual atmosphere in […]

Simon Phillipson

  Simon Phillipson Work from his oeuvre. Origin of the Species – This book compares a copy of Charles Darwin’s Origin of the Species published in 1902 and a more recent copy published in 2007. It highlights the evolution and editorial changes made to the book over the last century. Make.Think.Repeat – A collaborative project with Mark Davis. The MTR printer […]

Tara Kelton

Tara Kelton Work from Hypnotic Consumption, Weather Shifts, and Human Filter. Hypnotic Consumption is a recontextualization of animated GIFs. Link here. Weather Shifts – “Applies current temperature and wind conditions to Google satellite images at any zip code input by user. The wind speed determines how far the images are ‘blown’, and the temperature determines […]