Tacita Dean

Tacita Dean

Work from Floh.

There is a fantastic lecture on this work @ Coventry University by Joanna Zylinska.

“I do not want to give these images explanations : descriptions by the finder about how and where they were found, or guesses as to what stories they might or might not tell. I want them to keep the silence of the fleamarkets in Europe and America. Only at a certain point did I realise I was making a collection, and nothing is more worrying to the collector than the prospect of “Closure” ; the realisation that there will be a “final version” and a potential end to the collection. I have stopped going to fleamarkets for fear of finding an image that “should have been in the book”, or have distractedly turned my attention to collecting postcards : postcard that show frozen fountains or four-leaf clovers, or have seagulls in them, or have been scribbled on by someone. But now I have resolved to believe that there is no, and can never be, a final version to this collection ; that FLOH exists in the continuum and will one day, I hope, return, ownerless and silent to its origins in the fleamarket.” – Tacita Dean

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  1. savanna writes:

    I love the fact that there are no explanations. I like being able to come up with my own interpretation of what is happening. It is almost like making up stories for people in front of you in the que line at a store.

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