Nathaniel Smyth

Nathaniel Smyth

Work from Maps and Spaces.

“Using the snapshot as a metaphor for visual perception, I experiment with strategies of arranging those perceptions to investigate the various ways our minds understand the space we inhabit. Using images from both personal and mass culture as a form of cumulative experience, I layer the images to arrive at a single combination of the whole, mimicking the way our brains process information.

All of my work is concerned with the perception and doubt of the embodied mind. I use the accumulation of perception and memory as raw material, challenging the viewer to decide whether that accumulation clarifies or clouds understanding and asking what the ramifications of that decision are. The world we live in is always mediated through our perceptions, and by encouraging the viewer to reconsider their perception and memory I hope to underscore the importance of both.” – Nathaniel Smyth

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